Reset the Code - a student-created, student-driven solution to unacceptable tension and fear on the University of Oregon campus and beyond. 19 students within Allen Hall Advertising came together to make change and unite the UO community under the umbrella of mutual respect. In one week, our Facebook page alone reached over 150,000 people, our videos hit 67,000 views and we earned both local and national news coverage.

My Role: lead writer, responsible for the "95_" concept



 The Code

The Code

Every student and faculty member at UO has a UO ID number beginning with the digits "95." As Ducks, this code binds us together and to campus, yet each number is unique. As an emblem, it represents the urgently necessary conduct that celebrates unity but acknowledges the differences among us.

 The symbol

The symbol

The Process:


We blanketed campus with our cryptic "95_" symbol.

We wrapped the windows of the EMU Fishbowl with a message that reads: "A view unremarkable, until it's gone. The right to be you, inalienable, until it's not." Raquel Ortega, designer on the campaign, came up with this analogy that equates the act of standing by while a peer endures verbal or physical abuse to cancelling that individual's perspective. We needed to take something away that people took for granted, just as most of us take our own freedom to be for granted.


We then launched the full force of our campaign, highlighting the core sentiment of our campaign with a manifesto banner on the West side of the EMU, and unveiling our website, which serves as a portal for our message and for resources that help people navigate uncomfortable or tense situations. We established social media channels to spread our message among college students locked into the digital sphere.

Additionally, in the EMU we opened and manned the Reset Room - a place to share stories of experience with bigotry, intolerance and our responses to each.

site link: 


On Friday, January 20th, we invited the community to commit to Resetting by signing the pledge banner.

Full strategy deck:

The Team:

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Tylynn Burns

Strategists: Hannah Lewman and Chandler Carrol

Art Directors: Lina Rode, Stephanie Hastings, Raquel Ortega, Brandon Montes-Nguyen, Femke Paanakker, Thuc Vinh, Will Nielsen, Aven-itza de Primavera, Sonali Sompat

Writers: myself, Hannah Lewman, Sarah Vella-Labrador

Videographers: Tyler Robinson, Turner Maxwell, Spencer Kupish

Media planner: Stefan Boehmer