💪 PB^3 (n. s.)

1. “PB to the Power of Three” (Peanut Butter Bacon Banana) is a powerhouse breakfast built on toast, supported by your peanut butter of choice, decorated with sliced banana and pan-sizzled bacon. Elvis would be proud.

example: "What’s that? Dwayne The Rock Johnson is hungry? Here, give him some PB^3."


😤 son! (i.)

1. An interjection and declaration of excellence. Most frequently used in the context of competition.


  • “Come see me for round two tomorrow son!”

  • “Son! Get outta here with that weak stuff!”


🔥 flame (adj., n.)

1. A descriptor that indicates culinary wizardry or other general awesomeness. 

example: “Peanut-butter-cookie-dough-ice cream? That sounds flame.”

also see: flame sauce, fire-flame, fi-fi, flamedankery

 ☕️ afternoon juice (n. s.)

1. coffee brewed and enjoyed anytime after 12pm.

example: “Cam, get your head off your desk and make some afternoon juice.”


 ☕️ rocket fuel (n. s.)

1. coffee strong enough to keep a hibernating grizzly bear wired for 108 hours straight.

example: “Jay, well done. Today’s pot is absolute rocket fuel.”

🍌 nanners (n. pl.) 

1. Bananas, staple of Cam’s diet.

example: “If you’re not putting nanners in your smoothies, you’re doing something wrong.”


💥 smack (v.)

1. To engage or partake in, usually in a manner having to do with food.

2. To dominate or obliterate in competition.

3. To provide or lend something to another person.


  • “I’d smack a bowl of mac n’ cheese right now.”

  • “You see the game? The Ducks smacked USC, 63-10.”

  • “Smack me with that Sriracha sauce! This chicken needs some kick.”


🌶️ jalps (n. pl.)

1. Jalapeño peppers.

example. “This chili has no kick! Put some Jalps in there!”